The EPA has requires coal-fired power plants, industrial boilers, cement kilns, and more to do quickly implement appropriate measures to accomplish what EnviraPAC has been able to achieve with great efficiency.


Envira has developed a true alternative to high polluting PRB coal with EviraPAC. EnviraPAC is the most effective method to accomplish the capture and prevention of mercury emissions associated with coal-burning plants.

About Us

Our team of executives has over 90 years of experience in the environmental management and engineering industry. It is our dedication to the environment, to our research and to EnviraPAC that makes our organization such a success.

Help us expand production of the world’s only environmentally friendly Powdered Activated Carbon.

How EnviraPAC Hg™ Removes Mercury

Activated carbon is very adept at removing mercury from flue gas. Here is a breakdown of the complex mechanisms EnviraPAC Hg™ has put in place to maximize mercury sorption over other compounds:

  • The large surface area and pore volume of enviraPAC Hg provides sites for mercuty atoms to be held to the carbon
  • However, the low concentration of mercury in the flue gas,
  • The short exposure time of the carbon,
  • And the presence of compounds such as SO3 (which compete with mercury for sorption)
  • Are dealt with by means of proprietary modifications developed by enviraPAC to increase the force of attraction between the carbon and mercury.

EnviraPAC Hg™ can be modified with proprietary impregnation to best suit the needs of particular coal burning installations.

Select biomass feedstocks are chosen based upon the physical structure and ash composition best suited for specific mercury capture. Proprietary methods of impregnation are then utilized to add compounds which selectively bind mercury over other competing molecules.

The EnviraCarbon Companies

Envira Carbon

The EnvirAnized™ BioFuel technology developed by Envira is THE solution to the costly challenges placed on U.S. utilities by strict government mandates.

Envira Char

EnviraChar applications may serve to remedy many of the worst environmental and societal issues faced worldwide from climate change to world hunger.