EnviraPAC, Inc., a division of The EnviraCarbon Companies, is one of the few, if not the only company that has developed a proven, powdered activated carbon (PAC) product (enviraPAC Hg™) from renewable biomass for the purpose of flue gas mercury sorption meeting EPA regulatory requirements for coal-fired power plants. The clear advantage of a biomass PAC product over traditional products produced from coal (lignite) includes the endless supply of renewable feedstock and the environmental friendly impact of production and application.

Several years ago The EnviraCarbon Companies foresaw an unprecedented opportunity in the development of technology for the production of activated carbon from biomass for the capture of mercury from flue gas. enviraPAC is the result of that foresight and the proprietary processes that have evolved from research and development. Superior to the prevalent coal/lignite based activated carbons; enviraPAC not only exceeds the competition in performance but accomplishes it in a more cost effective, environmentally friendly way.