The production of enviraPACâ„¢, unlike the competitive manufacturers is gentle on the environment. Made entirely from certified renewable biomass and/or waste wood, the environmental impact is minimal. Activated carbon made from lignite/coal, however, faces all of the environmental concerns that that coal burning power plants face. Their feedstock must be mined and in the case of lignite, strip mined which has very harsh environmental consequences. The manufacturing of activated carbon from these feedstock sources produces all of the pollutants that they are trying mitigate, i.e. Sulfur, Arsenic, Mercury and a host of other metals and Greenhouse gases. The production of enviraPACâ„¢ generates none of those pollutants.

With greater adsorption characteristics, lower injection levels, and negligible environmental impact, enviraPACâ„¢ is the responsible solution for removal of mercury under the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) imposed by the EPA.

The enviraPAC Hg™ environmentally gentle process is capable of producing a broad variety of powdered and granular activated carbons made entirely from renewable biomass or waste wood for a broad range of targeted filtration needs. enviraPAC Hg™ is a powdered activated carbon (PAC) which has been developed for use as mercury sorbent in cleanup of flue gas in coal burning applications. enviraPAC, Inc. recently completed multi-phase testing at the Mercury Research Center to further authenticate the performance of enviraPAC Hg™. EnviraPAC Hg™ surpassed the mercury uptake of competitive PAC’s in the market today.