What is PAC?

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is a form of carbon specifically engineered to be riddled with small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for the absorption of a wide variety of harmful chemical gasses targeted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Forty Five (45) to fifty six (56) percent of all electricity produced by utility power plants in the US comes from coal. Most of those plants are burning “PRB” coal, which produce the highest levels of Mercury. Mounting pressure from the EPA has required coal-fired power plants, industrial boilers, cement kilns and others to quickly implement appropriate measures to capture and prevent mercury emissions. Activated carbon injection is widely accepted as the most effective method to accomplish this.

Current world demand for activated carbon is 1.2 million metric tons with current production levels. Furthermore, the demand for activated carbon is expected to more than double by 2016. EnviraPAC™ has created the world’s first environmentally friendly process for the mass production of activated carbon.

The traditional process of creating PAC is carried out in two stages. The raw material must first be devolatilized to carbon, and then activated either by chemicals or steam to create the highly porous structure. Any raw material rich in carbon can be used to create activated carbon. Typical materials currently used include: wood chips, sawdust, coconut shells, bamboo, coal and lignite.

The two main parameters relevant to the performance of PAC are, namely, surface area and pore volume (structure). Based on suitable molecular size, the pore volume limits the size of the molecules that can be adsorbed while the surface area limits the amount of material which can be adsorbed. The ability to control this process in a repeatable manner is one of enviraPAC’s strategic advantages.

The most well known use of activated carbon is for the absorption of harmful chemicals. EnviraPAC’s activated carbon is specifically engineered to capture mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants, industrial boilers, cement production plants and other sources. EnviraPAC™ is the only company in the world who can produce PAC in an environmentally friendly way.

EnviraPACâ„¢ is also the only company that has the ability to quickly change the absorption properties for the capturing of different harmful elements. This allows the company to be able to immediately adapt to any new market demands for differing varieties of PAC. Other companies are fixed on specific carbon properties with no easy way to make adjustments.